All orders in by 1PM EST will go out the same day if the product is in stock (you will be emailed if product is out of stock). Cold therapy units and Next Day shipping will take priority.

Yes, on all orders over $60 dollars. Cold therapy systems are sent out via UPS Ground service. Pads and lighter items are shipped via USPS

Yes, please call (828) 729-2934 between 9AM- 4PM EST.


All of the cold therapy pads come with straps, except the Don Joy large and small rectangular pads as well as the Breg Large rectangular pads and the Breg TMJ pad.

Universal Pad or Universal XL Pad can be used as an Alternative to McGuire Knee Wrap - McGuire has Open Patella, Universal Pad functions as a Closed Patella Knee Wrap.

8.5 on the OEM plug.

12 on the OEM plug.

Chosen machine, power supply, Hosing, Instruction manual, and cold therapy pad (If selected).

The general rule is if you have a 42 inches or bigger chest male or female go with the XL shoulder pad.

The general rule is if you have a 42 inches or bigger chest male or female go with the regular shoulder pad.

You measure from the middle of your knee cap up 6 inches to your thigh. Take the circumference of thigh at that spot and use our sizing chart.

The gravity unit does not have any power while the IC unit is powered off 110 wall power and pumps the water automatically.


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