Aircast® CryoCuff IC Cold Compression Therapy

Aircast Cryo Cuff IC unit, seamlessly combining targeted compression with cold therapy for optimal recovery. Its user-friendly design and effortless operation render it perfect for post-operative recuperation, athletic training, and home therapy. The Cryo Cuff IC innovatively merges intermittent compression with cold therapy, offering precise control over swelling to minimize discomfort and lower the risk of hemarthrosis or edema. A variety of Cryo/Cuff wraps are available to address a wide spectrum of conditions.

The latest enhancement features an integrated pneumatic pump discreetly nestled within the cooler lid, delivering automated compression and cold therapy. This cyclical compression mechanism blends chilled water within the cuff while maintaining the essential pressure levels to safeguard against hemarthrosis and provide CryoTherapy. With a 30-second cycle, the Cryo/Cuff IC offers automatic intermittent compression and boasts specially tailored pads for ankle, knee, shoulder, back, hip, and ribs. These anatomically designed pads conform flawlessly to the body, ensuring maximum cryotherapy benefits.

Key Features of the Aircast CryoCuff IC Cooler:

  • Innovative integrated pneumatic pump within the cooler lid for automated compression and cold therapy.
  • User-friendly design, perfect for post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home use.
  • Clinically proven intermittent cold and compression therapy to reduce post-operative swelling and restore range of motion.
  • Offers both motorized system and gravity function for versatile care.
  • Operates with a whisper-quiet motor, features an insulated cuff, and boasts quick pad disconnect for flexibility, durability, and mobility.